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I am really happy to say that for the most part things a pretty much back to normal at Grizzly Strings HQ. However there is still a pretty decent backlog at the moment leading to an approximately 3 to 4 week turnaround on String orders. Also in certain parts of the world the Postal Service hasn’t quite bounced back to what it once was and occasionally orders can take a little longer than normal to arrive once they’ve been shipped out. But please note we cannot track any orders unless you upgrade to a tracked service at the checkout.


Although the apocalypse is probably one of the more interesting excuses I could use for a string being late!

Please everybody stay safe out there, and be kind to each other. We are all in this together!

Take care & shoot straight
Big love
-Grizzly Jim x


From Dacron to the now famous Hybrid strings, Grizzly Strings® offers high-quality handmade Bow Strings made from high-end materials. All our G-Strings feature an extra long splice to improve shock absorption, a triple wax for longevity, and a pre-stretch in excess of 250lbs to cut down on the bedding in period.

We can accommodate most colour combination preferences and will do our best to match the string to the colours ordered. Serving will be black. If you require something specific feel free to send us an email to see if this is possible.

If you have any questions about our range of G-Strings then please don’t hesitate to drop us a line info@grizzlystrings.com

All strings are handmade with love in the UK by Grizzly Jim himself. While we aim to get all orders sent out within a two to three weeks time frame, please note there could be up to a four week waiting time for strings to be shipped during busy periods.

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Hybrid G-String

A secret blend including a high-end fast flight type material inlaid with a flemish twist. Giving you a softer, quieter, more forgiving shot, while still maintaining incredible speed. Overall, a great balance of speed and performance with minimum noise, and designed to suit most modern bows with reinforced limb tips. This is Grizzly Jim’s string of choice. Because of the nature of the Hybrid unlike the other strings is intentionally made a little longer to incorporate more twists, giving you a much rounder quieter string.

Please note: Due to the reduced strand count and added softer materials, what the Hybrid G-String gains in speed, quietness and vibration dampening, it lacks in durability, as a result the Hybrid G-String may have a reduced lifespan. (always inspect your bowstring for signs wear)

Pro G-String

An all Fast Flight type flemish twist, high-performance string made for a consistent and stable shot. Made out of the highest end, low creep materials. Designed for high-end,  bows, giving you a good balanced performance. Due to the low creep nature of this string, on some bows archers may experience a slight louder shot, and increased vibration and harsher shot. (Currently made with BCY 8125) 

Classic G-String

The old faithful classic D-97 high-performance traditional Bow String offers a sound balance of performance and durability, and it has been the mainstay of the traditional archer for decades.

Please note: During the resent outbreak the supplies of D79 are pretty low, and we currently only have a small amount of colours in stock currently limited to dark green and orange (more coming soon though)

Dacron G-String

The B-55 G-String is the perfect choice for that vintage bow. Its made of a very soft and forgiving material similar to Dacron but with better durability and a very low stretch.

If you have any questions about our range of G-Strings then please don’t hesitate to drop us a line info@grizzlystrings.com

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String Type

Hybrid, Pro, Classic, Dacron

Bow Type

Recurve, Hybrid, Longbow/AFB, Horsebow

  1. Michael K

    Got my Grizzly String a few months ago. Black and Green, it looks awesome on my take down. I got the Hybrid and its super smooth but still is pushing them out faster than my previous string. I also am in Texas and after ordering my string, it was in my mailbox faster than I expected in some superb packaging I might add.

  2. Jay

    Boy, I didn’t know that a string could make such a difference! I have the hybrid one and it’s absoluteley gorgeous, much quieter and smoother to shoot than the original string i had, while the speed seems pretty equal (but i have no croni to verify)…
    Totally recommend it 🙂

  3. Stephen Brooks

    These strings are so good that they’ll blow your pants off… I mean it, right off!

  4. Petar Petalarev (verified owner)

    Got my hybrid string 2 weeks ago. Just love it! Super soft, deadly quiet and faster than my previous spectra string, which is very loud. Silencers are unneeded. Totally recommended!

  5. Ian

    Fantastic string. I have a 62″ hybrid on one bow at the moment and it’s quiet and fast. Gonna get another this month for my striker tkd, just not sure what colour yet! Aghh, choices ! 😉

  6. Thomas Schultz

    Best string i ever had….👍

  7. Pat FitzGerald (verified owner)

    Extremely pleased with the Dacron. Faster, smoother and quieter than my old string but not damaging to my veteran bow. You are indeed the “Sultans of String”.

  8. sabatti (verified owner)

    I tested today the Pro string and I am very satisfied.
    thanks a lot!!
    You are the best!!

    I Have Hoyt Buffalo 62″ 45 lb

  9. mark hulme (verified owner)

    WOW,ordered a pro string for my bodnik slick stick, quality is incredible,faster than my whisper string,looks awesome,well worth the wait for a very high end string

  10. JT (verified owner)

    Took a little longer than average to arrive since the color I want was not available. But they sent me a free pro string to make the waiting a lot more fun. Works perfect on my Martin Hunter, and even the pro string itself is able to quiet the bow down (was using 60X 8125 string). Ordering more for my PSA and ILFs.

  11. René Sévigny (verified owner)

    j,ai une corde hybrid sur mon longbow (Striker) depuis quelque mois ceci est la meilleur corde que je connais jusqua present et ca fait plus de 25 ans que je pratique ce sport ,merci a Grizzly JIm

  12. Udo Weinlein

    These strings are some of the best you can get in traditional archery…the loops and splices are tight and perfectly tapered, the servings fit the standard nocks flawlessly, the choosen materials work great and all strings come pre stretched and very well waxed. You are doing a very good job Sir…!

  13. Gary Horne (verified owner)

    I have just ordered my 3rd Grizzly string, fantastic products.
    Fitted to my Black Hunter recurve and Aspen flatbow brilliant, I’m now after one for the Black Hunter longbow.
    Can’t recommend them highly enough

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