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    Medium Roast Forest Blend 250g

    (13 customer reviews)


    The Forest Blend is a medium roast that contains 100% Arabica beans from both Brazil and Honduras. Expertly roasted to give both body and balance.

    Crafted to taste great black or with milk. A smooth and silky feel, with hints of vanilla and a caramel sweetness. With an incredibly satisfying clean finish.

    We also care about the environment which is why we are rainforest alliance certified. This insures our coffee is sourced in a sustainable manner as well as looking after our coffee growers

    The rainforest alliance certified Seal  is awarded to Farm‘s forests and businesses that meet the rigorous environmental and social standards.

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    1. Andy

      Damn Fine Coffee! Dale Coop[er would be proud

    2. Will

      This coffee is so robust and flavorful. Such a pleasure to the senses. After my first cup, I instantly sprouted a majestic thicket of chest hair. My wife had a cup and became pregnant with twins. We’ve never been happier. This coffee will change the world!

    3. Lemmywinks (verified owner)

      I bought this coffee based on the reports of hair growth. Being afflicted with baldness from a young age, I was looking forward to sprouting a thick mane of manly woods(person) hair that would finally attract the opposite sex.

      IT WORKED!

      But not the way I intended. My new hairy ass has become a beacon for all manner of woodland creatues. I am now a Vole magnet, the squeaking is hard to ignore.

      It’s worth it though. Highly recommended for all coffee connoisseurs and animal lovers.

    4. Pip Mason (verified owner)

      This is a damn good coffee, very flavorful & robust. It makes me want to learn how to make coffee better; just adding hot water & milk is not enough, this demands effort.

    5. Wayne Chandler (verified owner)

      Purchased two bags and my goodness I didn’t expect them to be so nice. I really enjoy the smooth, delicious flavour. My new favourite.

    6. Amanda Cale

      Thank goodness we had a filter coffee machine and grinder in the office. A smooth silky taste is promised and delivered. No nasty bitter taste..lip-smackingly delicious. I’d like to say it vastly improves my shooting, but I suspect not.

    7. Yik Tze Fong (verified owner)

      I used to drink nespresso and for a long period of time all i did was press a button. But with Jim’s coffee i have to put a brew on. The constant lifting of a full kettle and pouring of hot water makes me want to put on a checkered shirt in the morning. Coffee is strong and nicely hot in your hands. Loving the new life!

    8. Pat FitzGerald (verified owner)

      This is my second order for your damn fine coffee. Any plans to sell it in bigger bags?
      Got two new bows on order so the string business will be benefitting too in due course. Way to go, Jim! PS It tastes even better if consumed whilst wearing a plaid shirt (of which i have many).

    9. kentj

      This is SOOO GOOD, I’m not normally a coffee kinda girl (maybe the odd PSL in autumn) but I can’t get enough of this forest blend! There needs to be a reorder option on here! x

    10. David Shaw

      I am by and large not a huge coffee fan.
      Yorkshire tea fan ….

      I do like good coffee and this is good coffee.
      Really nice with a fresh Yum yum from Sainsburys 😀

    11. Bradley Hunt (verified owner)

      This taste of this coffee makes me stiffer than a 250 spine shaft.


    12. Sarah Coussens

      Beautiful drink. So much so, we’ve given the Dulce Gusto away 🤗

    13. John Broadleday (verified owner)

      This is by no doubts a lovely tasting coffee and one can tell that it’s been expertly roasted to give both body and balance.

      It has a lovely smooth and silky feel, with hints of vanilla and a caramel sweetness and incredibly satisfying clean finish. It is, however far too weak for me as I like a coffee that hits hard and makes me lose sleep.

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