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Grizzly Strings & Accessories

All sorts of Grizzly tat here

All handmade flemish strings, and accessories to go with them.

COVID-19 update Please Read:
You guys are simply amazing!
Thank you all so much for your continued support, especially the influx of orders that came in over the last few days.
Supporting niche businesses connected to the things we love during these uncertain times just shows me what an incredible community we have here!

I have had a few people ask about current leadtimes for string orders, as of very recently, I was working on about a two to three week turnaround. I’m currently still in the workshop plugging away making as many strings as I can, and I will do so for as long as I can! (I guess it’s one of the benefits of running a web-based business and be the only person in the workshop). I’ve got strings going out every day while I can!

But in the current climate I think it is safe to say that the current wait time will increase as time goes on. There are currently no major restrictions on posting goods out and things seem to be running relatively normally, although the post office cannot guarantee certain delivery dates. But I’ll keep you guys updated with any information as I receive it!

While the supply chains seem to be operating I have placed an order for plenty more string material that should see us through.

We are facing uncertain times at the moment, and with the schools and many other business closing it doses makes things a little more difficult. But rest assured I’m working hard to get all the strings out I can! Be it sooner or later you will get your string! I just want to say a huge thank you for your continued support and your patience during these crazy times!

Although the impending apocalypse is probably one of the more interesting excuses I could use for a string being late!

Please everybody stay safe out there, and be kind to each other. We are all in this together!

Take care & shoot straight
Big love
-Grizzly Jim x

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